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Unconstitutional Order Challenged in Court

Posted May 28, 2020 By adminmike

Why Illinois’ Stay at Home Order is Falling Apart in Court

The state of Illinois under Governor JB Pritzker is one that is suffering the most from Coronavirus. Not just the death toll and case load itself, but also the measures taken by the state over the last three months. Pritzker pushed one unconstitutional order after another. And finally, many of those actions are coming to an end– either through mandate or court order.

An Attorney’s Perspective

In many ways, this case is familiar with me already. I’m reading the details now and getting up to speed on how Illinois’ actions were similar to those in my home state of California. Furthermore, this reminds me of cases I’ve taken on against ill-advised laws and statutes. Fortunately, this case pointed in the right direction. However, like other cases I’ve been a part of– including civil rights– there is more work to be done.

A Victory for the Little Guy

Local media reported on the court case, which the state is appealing.

Clay County Judge Michael McHaney allowed James Mainer and the HCL Deluxe Tan salon the ability to open. Governor Pritzker is appealing the case to the Illinois Appellate Court. The temporary restraining order went against Pritzker’s extension to the original 30 day stay at home order.

One area in which the state Attorney General’s office and I agree is that this is a valuable precedent. While IL stated that it could cause health issues, instead the wider precedent is that more court cases will follow. The entire situation is not yet over. In the recent past, two federal judges sided with Governor Pritzker against Illinois churches seeking reopening.

However, there is hope. Judge McHaney granted State Representative Darren Bailey a temporary restraining order allowing him to leave his house last month. At the time, the Judge wrote that the stay at home order violated the state’s Constitution and the rights of Americans.

“The Bill of Rights is being shredded,” he said.

Wider Implications?

There is still much to be discussed over the court case as it stands now. Since it is being appealed by the state, we will likely hear more about it soon. However, this is the first major blow against the emergency powers that states took from citizens since March. Furthermore, the precedent is now set. Other litigants in Illinois and other states will rally against the use of such powers.

From a legal perspective, it looks like the floodgates are now opening.

Due Process Equals Justice

Justice Just Ahead Green Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds, Sun Rays and Sky.

At least two died and three dozen injured on a tour bus. Most important, the bus was carrying volunteers responding to the terrible flooding in Louisiana. It crashed Monday. Also, the bus driver was an illegal immigrant. Consequently, many of the injured victims were first responders. The driver was later identified as Denis Yasmir Amaya Rodriguez. Most important, Rodriguez is from Honduras. Last, he had no valid driver’s license. Fox News reported these facts.

The Gruesome Facts of the Los Angeles Bus Accident

Especially relevant, the accident details are gruesome. Shockingly, Rodriguez crashed the bus into a fire truck. Next, the bus rammed a car. Also, the bus company gets operated by AM Party Bus and Kristina’s Transportation LLC. These two companies are in Jefferson, LA. The terrible crash highlights driving risks. These include illegal immigrant drivers without licenses. The loss of life in Louisiana is tragic. It reinforces the resolve of the flood volunteers. They persevere with a heavy heart.

Compared To California, Illegal Drivers Are Getting Worse

Also, the accident in Louisiana is similar to the problems in California. Because of this, the state gets overrun with illegal immigrant drivers. They cause many accidents. These include many hit and run crashes. Without insurance, illegals just flee the scene. Many CA drivers are stuck with the bill and any injuries. Maybe the crash in LA can help lawmakers become more strict on such incidents.

California Personal Injury Attorney Chimes In

Michael Ehline, a bus accident attorney at Ehline Law Firm PC in Los Angeles chime in. He stated he was shocked that the Democrat party continues to support reckless policies. Because of this, we have sanctuary cities and no proof of Citizenship required to vote. He recently returned from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in LA. So he is hoping that the government will put Americans first. He said let’s get these scofflaws off the street.

Michael said he:

“supports the ongoing flood cleanup efforts. We hope that as many people as possible can help. Please consider giving to the Salvation Army or other groups. May God bless the volunteers and first responders.”

Last, we hope Chicago does not fall victim to these same types of problems. Alert-Chicago thinks it is unfair for illegal aliens to break and violate our laws. It is sad when there is a loss of life in any state, California, or Louisiana. In the meantime, stay alert out there people.

the beautiful, sexy young woman stands with rough dog.

A beautiful young woman stands with an intimidating black dog on a black background.

Staying safe and alert in these uncertain times is something most of our readers want. But with Chicago’s gun laws that disarm the law-abiding, and give armed criminals free rein, we have few avenues left to protect ourselves from an active threat. But what about discovering and defending against a passive threat? What about the shady door to door salesman, for example? How does one know the intentions of a stranger?

We all know that one of the qualities dogs are known for is their faithfulness. But did you know that dogs, just like how they spotted the Terminators in the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, can also help us locate bad people only by their demeanor alone? They can spot jerks even better than human babies!

We already know how dogs act in front of their masters and owners. They love to be around their owners and indicate their love and affection with them by wagging their tails and jumping over their laps. In the US, dogs are treated as family members and are used for more purposes than they are used in other parts of the world.

Newspapers, TV shows, and online websites are full of stories of dogs saving their owners from various types of dangers and unwanted situations. It is often said that the mental abilities of a dog are quite the same as the psychic abilities of a 2-3 years old human baby. However, recent researches and studies have shown something different about dogs. Dogs Learn Like Humans The studies were conducted to check how well the dogs learn about humans, human characters, and the people they are living around.

As we know, we tend to trust everyone when we are young, but as we age, we get to realize the realities of the world around us and act in a more mature and intelligent manner.

We have lists of people in our minds. We have a list of people that we trust and a list of people that we don’t trust. The surprising thing proved in the studies we are about to mention below is that dogs have the same lists in their minds too. They are quicker at making these lists.

The Research And Study

the beautiful  young woman sit with dog on black background

A beautiful young, brunette woman sits with chained attack dog on black background.

Akiko Takaoka from Kyoto University in Japan conducted a series of studies with a team to find out the behaviors of dogs towards trustworthy and untrustworthy people. His study also became a part of the Animal Cognition journal. This particular study concluded that dogs would only trust the person who has acted with trust in front of them.

People who have shown any signs of being untrustworthy are not in the list of trustworthy people of dogs. Twenty-four dogs took part in the study conducted by Akiko Takaoka. As the study started, the researchers involved in the studies pointed towards two containers out of which one container had food underneath it, and the other did not. In the first stage, the researchers looked towards the boxes with foods in them, and when dogs followed their instructions, they found food in the containers.

In the second stage, the same researchers pointed towards the empty containers. When dogs went to the containers, there was nothing in them. This broke the trust of the researchers for the dogs and prepared the study for the final stage. In the final stage, the dogs were shown the containers again were one of the containers had food, and the other did not.

When dogs ran, the researchers pointed towards the right containers, i.e., the containers that had food in them. This time the dogs used their experience and did not go in the direction the researchers pointed in. Only 8% of the dogs relied on the researcher and went to the container that he pointed to, but the rest did not follow the instructions of the researchers that had turned into untrustworthy people for them.

The Research And Study – Part 2

Now, it had become essential to realize through the study that dogs were only discrediting the untrustworthy person. The researchers wanted to make sure that dogs were not generalizing their learning and thinking that every researcher or person is untrustworthy based on their experiences.

Check out the Dog Behavior Video

As suggested in the above video, researchers proved that dogs were only not trusting the person who showed them the wrong direction; the study was conducted again – in a different manner this time. This time 26 dogs took part in the experiment. In this particular study, the researchers pointed in the direction of the right container in the first stage. The dogs went into the direction they were led to and found food under the opaque containers.

Now the second stage arrived, and the researchers showed dogs the containers with food and without food. However, when dogs started running towards the containers, the researchers pointed in the direction of the containers that did not have food, thus losing their trust in the eyes of the dogs. The final stage of the experiment was different from the previous study, though. In the final stage, all the researchers that were used in the first two phases of the study were changed, and the new was brought in.

These were new faces for the dogs. These new researchers showed the containers to the dogs, i.e., one containing food and others not having any food. As the dogs ran towards the containers, the researchers pointed in the direction of the containers that had food underneath them. As soon as the dogs saw the fingers, they went to the containers; they were pointed to go to. They found the food there and were happy.

The point of changing the researchers in the final stage was to prove that if the dogs were generalizing their experience and learning, they would have shown unreliability towards the researcher in the final stage by not going in the direction they were pointing to. However, the results were different.

The new researchers were new faces for the dogs, so they were starting afresh. They relied on the new instructors and went in the direction these new instructors pointed to. Takaoka talked about her study in an interview she gave to the BBC. She said that dogs learn from their experiences faster than humans do.

She said that dogs do not become parts of our lives and start trusting everyone they meet. They are, being friendly with everyone on their first meeting, but at the same time, they are learning with time as to who to trust and who not to. After dogs have learned that some person is not trustworthy, they would interact with that person in a different manner than they would with a person they trust. Lastly, she said that social intelligence in dogs is much better than that of humans.

A Similar Study On Human Children

A similar study to prove a same point, however, in the case of human children was conducted by Kimberly Vanderbilt in San Diego. In this study, they used children of 3, 4, and 5 years of age. They conducted a series of experiments to see how these children would behave when they are made to interact with trustworthy and untrustworthy persons. The results were quite shocking in away.

In the first phase of the study, it was found out that children who were three years of age did not learn well from their experience. Even after they had been shown that a particular person was not trustworthy, these 3-year olds showed their level of trust in the untrustworthy and trustworthy person in the same way. When the same experiment was conducted with 4-year olds, they showed signs of skepticism in trusting the words of the person who from their experience had been proved untrustworthy, but they ended up trusting that person again.

The results were quite different when conducted with children of 5 years of age. 5-year olds in this study showed complete distrust towards the person who had been proved untrustworthy in front of them. They listened to the advice given to them by a trustworthy person in the experiment. Final Words First, this study shows that if you are misleading your dog, you are creating problems for yourself in the future because at the time when you need it, your dog will not listen to you.

Secondly, it is quite a surprise that we often compare dogs with 2 to 3-year old human children based on their mental intelligence even though the study above proves that these dogs were behaving with intelligence that of a 5-year old human child. There you have it, a dog can save your day, even though you were on the alert.

Dogs as Judges of Character – Animal Behavior Associates, Inc.

Dogs can sense whether a person is lying to them or telling the truth?

With All the Discussion About Flags . . .

Posted July 12, 2015 By adminmike
USA America Burning Fire Flag War Conflict Night 3D

USA America Burning Fire Flag War Conflict Night 3D

Well, there’s another story about a famous flag entering into the news. It’s not the witchhunt about the Confederate flag this time, but rather the good old Stars and Stripes. In this case, an Illinois teacher has been fired due to his actions revolving around the flag in class. The teacher reportedly stomped on the flag to show the class the value of free speech, he says.

The case quickly became a national story. The Chicago Tribune reported on the controversy swirling around the Martinsville teacher, Jordan Parmenter. The incident happened on May 15th and was referred to the district’s school board. The Board voted unanimously 6-0 to relieve Parmenter of his job.

The Tribune followed up with an op-ed defending the embattled teacher. Parmenter has apologized, saying “I love my country and have nothing but the utmost respect for those who serve it.” The teacher explained that his actions weren’t part of any protest, but rather just a piece of a course lesson.

Meanwhile local WTHITV reported on the incident. Local reactions seem to be mixed and mirror a wider argument on whether or not disrespecting the flag is covered by the Constitution. With further debate, the intricacies of reasoning can be ascertained, especially when performed in front of schoolchildren. The full details of the course and how it is taught have not yet been shown to the press and could explain a lot.

The Constitution as it reads now clearly defends the right to stomp or burn the flag, as horrible as the thought sounds. As a former Marine, any disrespect to the flag churns my stomach but there’s a First Amendment for a reason. Unpopular speech, even that which we think is detestable is as much part of public discourse as anything else. The case against the teacher and his motives should be strongly considered before any off the cuff decision is made to get rid of him. There could be a valid reason behind his lesson that we can all learn from.

Top Cities for Young Attorneys Includes Chytown

Posted June 30, 2015 By adminmike
Chicagos Court of the People

State Capitol of Illinois in Springfield.

Young and hungry attorneys are always looking for a way to improve their surroundings. There are many that make it their life’s mission to protect the vulnerable from large companies and government agencies that would use or abuse them. As such, there are certain cities that have the best combination of factors for the under-40 crowd to move to, set up shop, and raise a family.

And guess what, Chicago made the list. And with all the accidents, shootings and injuries here, there is no shortage of personal injury attorneys. In fact, we reached out to Chicago personal injury attorney Jonathan Rosenfeld and asked him what he liked best about practicing law in Chicago. Among many great things he said, was that:

“Chicago is a big city with a big personality and wonderful people. Basically, if you like honest people and enjoy the gentle, civil personalities of mid-westerners, this is a wonderful place to practice law.”

Of course, there are other great American cities to practice law, but since we are, we are partial to our town. But seriously, how does an attorney new on the scene rate the best cities? Well, there are many factors at play, including availability of legal jobs, city desirability, standard of living, and other issues. For attorneys looking to make a stake in an area, the ability to keep food on a plate and a roof over their head weighs heavily.

How Do The Top Cities Rank?

National Jurist magazine took the time to rank the different cities of the country and compile a list of the best for young attorneys to move and make their practice.

1. Washington D.C.: The nation’s capital boasts a large number of legal related jobs. From those within the federal bureaucracy to Congress to lobbying groups, there is never a shortage of attorneys in the city. D.C.’s population of attorneys per capita is much higher than the average city and has a formidable youth population.

2. Boston: Boston boasts the best of several worlds. While the cost of living is higher than rural areas, it is also near the bottom of the major cities. With some of the best universities and livable suburbs, this area is a must-consider for those entering or leaving law school.

3. Atlanta: Your dollar goes much further in the South. That combined with a rapid influx of immigrants from other countries and recent residents from across the US, there is a rapidly increasing need for skilled attorneys.

4. Denver: Denver is a major youth culture scene with a booming local economy and plenty to do. If you’re an outdoors person or just love the scenery, Denver is the right choice for you.

5. Dallas: Cost of living is much lower in the fastest growing job creator in the country. Close to many tech and oil companies, Dallas is a major metro area that will always give opportunity.

6. Seattle: Known for its substantial population of young idealists, this area offers legal jobs in large companies like Boeing and Microsoft as well as activist and environmentalist groups.

7. Chicago: The king of local government, Chicago boasts tremendous government agencies and bureaucracies per capita. Chicago offers many billable hours for attorneys and a chance to break into a major city.

8. San Francisco: From the weather to the unique cultural scene, San Francisco offers a vibrant youth scene and is across the bay from Silicon Valley.

9. Minneapolis: If you can stand the winters, this area offers a low standard of living cost combined with a friendly, family-centric culture.

10. Houston: Again in the heart of Texas, economic growth will propel a young and ambitious attorney through their whole career.

Any of these cities offer tremendous opportunities, as do the others on the list, including Salt Lake City, L.A., Alexandria, VA, Saint Louis, Mountain View CA, Irvine, Philadelphia, Oakland, Newport Beach, and New York City. There are many factors to consider after passing the bar. However, all of these cities offer tremendous work potential and varying cultural scenes and cost of living. And they all have suburbs for you to pursue the American Dream into middle age!

Airbags Should Only be Used as Designed

Posted June 29, 2015 By adminmike
popcorning airbag launches man in explosionAlert Chicagoans have been emailing us about the near epidemic of deadly pranks, namely “popcorning,” which will be explained as this article progresses. Airbags are finely tuned elements of automobile engineering. Their exact purpose has led to them being created in specific fashions in case of sudden stops and car accidents. They pack a lot of punch and should only be utilized as they were actually designed. The faulty use of such items can cause severe injuries, especially if used in a prank.

Unfortunately, many people young and old are now becoming involved in the fad of “popcorning,” or using the airbag from a car to lift up a victim, suspecting or otherwise. This type of use can often lead to severe injury, including broken bones and torsion injuries. Regardless of how they are used in this manner, the risk of such injury is very high and could even be life threatening.

Watch an example below:

Watch one case from Britain early in 2015 that resulted in a young man breaking his spine below. This video highlighted many of the dangers of the practice and has been used as a key example of why it should be avoided.

The evidence is clear: make sure that you keep away from such use of these airbags. They’re not toys and can deal quite a bit of damage. If you know anyone that is interested in pulling such a prank, make sure you stop them before they do– they can be liable for the injuries sustained to the victim. Such medical expenses and therapy could span years and cause severe reductions in quality of life.

Airbags are designed for safety, not to hurt people. However, some numbskulls are using them for the wrong purpose. The liability and responsibility that comes along with such a use should be considered closely, especially as the incidence of such pranks increases every year. It’s not a joke– it’s someone’s life.

Security Researcher

Security Researcher

So you’re trying to get away from all the crimes and shooting for a get away, and you board a plan bound for anywhere but Chicago. But then you have pause for concern as you are watching the local news and see the story about a security hole in the flight computer system, and you ponder how easily your flight could end in a fatal crash.

Here’s what we do know. We know about the recent stories in the news, and not so distant path about the various causes of civilian airplane accidents. These commercial airliners are downed or placed in peril in many natural and unnatural ways, such as by:

  • Terrorism;
  • Mechanical malfunctions;
  • Structural defect or failure;
  • Bird strikes;
  • Terrible weather;
  • Suicide by pilot;
  • Surface to air missiles;
  • Blinding laser lights;

Of course there are many ways a civilian airliner can be brought down. But this new method of taking control over an aircraft is insidious, and could potentially allow onboard communications to be shut off, disable onboard tracking signals, and fly a plane into the middle of nowhere.

The New Terror in The Sky – Onboard Systems Hacking

Now add another potential cause of crash, onboard hackers. A self described “security researcher,” namely Chris Roberts, has been alleged to have taken actions remotely, that actually moved a plane on a Chicago flight, to its side for a few seconds, by hacking into its onboard electronics. Roberts’ point of attack and access into the system of the plane was the in-flight entertainment system.

He messed with the system on the plane while he was on it. As stated by him the plane moved to one side for a few seconds. Roberts was also brave enough to monitor air traffic by hacking into the system. FBI issued search warrants against Roberts and he was stopped and detained while traveling on the plane from Chicago to Syracuse. Imagine the terror in the skies that could be perpetrated if what Robert’s has uncovered.

See the Video “Hacker takes control of plane”

Roberts Says He Was Testing For Our Own Safety

When he was stopped, his belongings including many flash drives, laptops and hard drives were confiscated. What Roberts has disclosed himself on social media and other platforms seems nothing against what the arrest warrant application contains. According to Roberts he had not done anything to a plane’s system during a flight but only handled a plane in the air during a simulation test.

He’s Done It Before – Admitted

The researcher is definitely not a newbie in what he’s doing. What he did was not just once but several times. He told media that he performed access to the system on many planes, and not just one. However, Roberts says that he never meddled with the plane’s system during the flight because he knows the dangers.

He only observed a few things of his interest such as data traffic and exploration of various networks. The FBI reports tell a different version of the story about his access to the systems on planes. According to FBI reports Roberts not only accessed the systems but on one occasion he also took the liberty of commandeering the plane. It was during 2011 and 2014 that Roberts accessed the systems on planes several times.

It has not been clarified in the reports from FBI as to which particular flight it was on which Roberts tried to commandeer the plane and make it fly to one side for some time. Roberts used SEBs (Seat Electronic Box) in his venture to access the systems on the plane. He only used a modified Ethernet cable to connect his laptop and the SEB and then accessed into the system by using the default logins and passwords.

From this point he was able to access almost any part of the plane’s system. Roberts’ actions have been harshly criticized. As of now, Roberts has not received any charges of a crime since what the FBI reports say has not been proven. Most people from his own community and field are quite shocked at the finding that he could make the mistake of trying to tamper with a plane when it was flying with hundreds of people on it.

Most people are not sure whether he really flew the plane or not. Some people believe that he might not have flown the plane for a little while but it must have only appeared to him that he had. Many renowned researches from other researching labs have expressed their feelings by saying that if Roberts has really done it then he must be put in the prison for his action.

Crossed the Line When “Research” Endangered Lives

Another security officer named Alex Stamos communicated on Twitter by saying that a researcher cannot promote the idea of good research in the benefit of mankind when his research has put innocent lives in danger. Roberts on the other hand showed his concern about documents related to his case going public.

He said he was told by FBI officials that his conversations are behind closed doors but he does not see that they kept their promise. He further talked about the reports and affidavit produced by FBI based on the conversations they had with Roberts. Roberts says that the paragraph in the report that talks about his hacking of a flight is not a paragraph as is.

He said that the paragraph actually consists of many small subscripts taken from his many conversations that he had with FBI. He said that this collaged paragraph was not telling the story as he had told FBI but only making things appear negative to what he had actually said in his statements.

Roberts started his research on planes, flights and flight systems 6 years back when he obtained manuals about wiring of planes and how the systems on planes were interconnected. He had known from the manual that by accessing the inflight entertainment systems that were easily available under passenger seats he could hack into the controls of the flight. He gave multiple presentations about hacking the system on a flight and how entertainment systems on flights could be used for hacking the systems.

He even had conversations with the responsible authorities of two big airliners in the country but saw nothing happening in response to their concerns. A few days later FBI contacted Roberts and then had a couple of meetings with him to know what his plans were. Roberts disclosed to the FBI officials that he along with his teammates had access the systems on flights on several occasions.

He declared clearly that he used the entertainment systems on flights to access the systems. He surprised the FBI officials even more when he said his research went further than that. He said he had accessed the thrust control system on the flight and also the fuel balancing system.

Roberts said clearly that he had known it that he could access deep enough into the system on a flight to mess with the avionics. He said that he simulated this on a software and was successful in doing what he wanted to do. He wanted to cause a plane to go from cruise to climb and he did that successfully on his simulation system. However, FBI believes that what he did was not limited to a simulation system instead he had performed this trick while aboard a flight.

However, Roberts has maintained his silence when questioned about these allegations from the investigation agency. The visits FBI paid to Roberts were not intimidating and no follow-up was done on them by FBI. However, it was one big mistake from Roberts himself that got him in trouble later on. He was on a flight and while aboard the flight he accessed once again into the system and tweeted from there.

He posted a sarcastic joke in the tweet wherein he was naming the various components of the system that were in front of him and in his access. This tweet got noticed by an employee working for the airline and he reported to FBI and told what next flight Roberts was going to be on. FBI agents seized him on his flight from Chicago to Syracuse. On this particular flight there was no inflight entertainment system but there was definitely one on the flight he was on previously.

FBI performed explorations and declared that the inflight entertainment systems on the previous flight that Roberts was on were tampered. Roberts did not agree to this statement and said that most SEBs on flights are damaged because passengers put their luggage under their seats and that’s where these systems are located. He did not admit that he had done anything to the system of the plane on previous flight.

As his case got more air his company suffered. The One World Lab lost the trust of its board of directors who stated clearly that they won’t be funding the company anymore. This resulted in the expulsion of many employees from the company.

The lab is now operating with only half of the staff left after the layoff. Roberts said reasons other than the legal action against him were also part of what board of directors did. Eventually, his organization will not be funded by the board of directors anymore. Alert Chicago wants consumers to know that accident preparedness and recovery means a lot more than simply hoarding food, water, guns and ammo.

Technology can be a friend, or a killer. If a smart man like this can take control over a plane in flight, a terrorist from the middle east who is well funded with oil money could also be doing this. This means that you, as a Chicagoan, have to weigh the risks versus the benefits of everything that you do in life.

Chicago CityTaxpayers need to always be on the alert for government waste.  The main problem in many of these cases, is that the larger government grows, the easier it is for public officials to use their power as a tool to unjustly enrich themselves. In this case, we have a prime example of how one Chicago public employee has been accused of stealing from our fellow citizens by way of fraud, and against our children in the public schools.

The allegations range from fake invoices for products never received, and apparently a wider array of charges not yet made public. Even more alarming, are the wider implications that two principles and two schools allegedly gave one of the arrestees billing system passwords for the school system’s electronic payment system and they remain free with no charges filed.

The battle cry of many school public employees is we have to do it: “for the children.” How ironic it is, that we have public servants who have guaranteed pension, benefits, long breaks and paid vacation many business owners may never see, either intentionally or recklessly ripping all of us off who actually pay them for their cushy government jobs.

On the opposite end, there are good people in government. Have you been to the DMV lately, or seen our fine officers helping us by ticketing cars parked too long at meters? True freedom fighters. In any event, four people have now been arrested by authorities in the theft of over $867,000 from Chicago Public Schools.

These individuals have been charged with felony theft of government property. The authorities said these criminals were allegedly using a fraudulent billing scheme, and three of the four people owned companies that were banned last month permanently from doing business with the city’s public schools.

According to Cook County court records the arrest warrants were for Chicago residents Sidney Bradely age 46 and Jermaine Robinson age 36, Carpentersville resident Albert Bennett age 49 and Calumet City resident Paul Simmons age 55. Bail was set on Tuesday by a judge for three of the men at $200,000 and the forth man Jermaine Robinson’s bail was set at $400,000.

The fraud scheme was found out in a CPS inspector general’s report, where a district operations employee “orchestrated” multiple fraudulent purchasing and reimbursement schemes beginning in late 2009 and continuing through early 2014.

It has been reported that warrants have been issued for some employees of the four arrested in connection with submitting fake invoices for work that was not done or supplies not purchased totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.  According to reports the four men are suspected of a larger theft scheme involving some individuals who have worked for the Chicago City Schools.

This is just one of the reported, and known cases of government agents ripping the taxpayers off as government continues to grow. We applaud the inspector general for doing his job and catching this particular case. But we also ask ourselves, who is inspecting the inspector generals?