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Safe City Driving During the Winter

Posted March 6, 2017 By Dan Dold

Winter Driving SafetyCity driving can be treacherous in winter weather. Icy roads, frigid temperatures, poor visibility and wind make for challenging driving conditions in any setting. In the city, you have the most dangerous and unpredictable factor of all – other drivers. Even as a skilled, experienced driver, comfortable driving in harsh conditions, you know many of the other drivers don’t know what they’re doing, aren’t driving the right vehicle for the conditions, and some who just don’t care.

Here are some tips for staying safe:

Stay Informed

Watch your local news and check your state’s Department of Transportation (DOT) website. Weather can change suddenly. You can go out on a warm sunny morning and find yourself heading home in blizzard conditions. Always try to get an idea of what to expect. When local authorities advise people to stay off the roads, you should stay home or or stay put if at all possible.

If you must get out, you need to know about road closures, accidents and other factors that could affect your route.


Get the right tires for winter weather. All-weather tires can get hard when they get cold. When they harden, they will no longer give you traction. Winter tires are made to stay soft and will grip better than all-weather tires when temperatures get cold.

Make sure you have plenty of tread and that your tires are properly inflated. Cold temperatures reduce tire pressure by about one pound per ten degree drop in temperature.

Take it Easy and Watch Out for Idiots

This is the hardest part. When you’re driving on snow and ice, you must do everything slowly, gently, and with caution. No sudden stops or starts. No swerving. Gentle turns. Lots of extra room between you and other vehicles. Basic, common-sense stuff. But that can be very difficult to accomplish in heavy traffic.

When everyone around you is in a rush, keep your cool. Don’t let them push you to drive too fast. Let them get angry and honk and pass you. And always be on the lookout for drivers losing control ahead of you, behind you, in the other lanes, and approaching from parking lots and side streets. Never assume the other driver will stop when they should. Be prepared to stop, even if it’s your turn to go.

If You Get in an Accident, Don’t Panic

If you do get in a collision, don’t panic. Assuming your car is drivable, pull over to a safe place before getting out. If anyone is hurt, your first priority should be to get medical attention. Whenever possible, get the other drivers’ contact and insurance information, gather witness names and contact information and take pictures at the scene. If you have questions about your rights or believe you have a personal injury claim in Chicago, please call the Sklare Law Group at 888-529-3400 for a free consultation.

For more information about car safety and winter driving, please download this car safety ebook.

The Myth Yet to Come

Posted February 13, 2017 By adminmike
Bad weather signs

Bad Weather Ahead Sign Displaying Dangerous Prediction

Eventually there will be self driving cars. When they will hit the road safely is another question. Former guesses on when they hit the road have been wrong so far. Every year there is a new prognostication about this being the year of the self driving car. And each year the big expectation had to be walked back. Usually this embarrassing walk back gets a lot less attention than what Elon Musk said in the first place.

Wired reported that 2016 was the tipping point for self driving cars. Who knew! If only the cars on the road bore out such an assertion. Instead, ever large promise about self driving cars has fallen flat on its face.

Many car companies promise a route to self driving cars. However, each one is finding that the technology and infrastructure needed is incredibly expensive. Furthermore, the timing is always off. Pilot programs and flashy videos aside, the project is stalled out. Not many drivers want to give up control over the wheel. There are certain no-goes for the public.

Overstated and Under Delivered

Hype is an incredible thing. It can make even the shoddiest of projects look like it’s ready to go. It can attract millions or billions of dollars into projects that make no sense in hindsight. Self driving technology will come, but should Ford or Toyota spend billions for a project thirty or fifty years in the future.

Many of the self driving cars of the next decade will be prototypes. As we’ll find out, issues with cell range and bandwidth will severely reduce the effectiveness of these cars. In many cases, SDCs will simply fail.

We need to be honest about the future of such technology. Much of that responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of Google and Tesla. Thus we as consumers have a fair vision of where this tech will– or won’t– take us in the near future.

Various govermment papers

Making Illegals Legal

When we think of the Golden State, we believe of great weather along the Pacific. Hence, with its great climate and attractive ladies in bikinis, this is the image. But the California Democrats have pandered to illegals and their families since the mid-’80s. So they have now succeeded in displacing citizens in some cities with illegal alien majority populations.

Illegals in California don’t even need to show an ID to vote. Also, they are typically Central American or Mexican. Most of all, they typically have large families that vote Democrat, of course. The super-majority California Democrats even went so far as to make legal what is illegal. They did so by giving these lawbreakers licenses to drive cars. Also, this is true even though many of these illegals use false identifications.

  • Selective Enforcement Elevating Privileges Over Rights

This is the same state that is trying to disarm its natural born citizens by reducing how much ammo they can have. Democrats also decided to limit how many rounds they can have in their weapon. (putting criminals with guns at an advantage who don’t obey Utopian laws). These Democrats have allowed sanctuary cities harboring killers and drug dealers. But the right to keep and bear arms is an unalienable right. Contrast this with remaining in the USA without permission and even voting in some cases. These are not rights, but crimes. In effect, the government has elevated privileges extended to lawbreakers. Hence, they have placed illegal criminals over the God granted rights of ordinary citizens.

One justification of creating sanctuary cities is often under the guise of protecting ‘immigrant rights.’  But illegal aliens are not immigrants.  An immigrant is a person who entered the U.S. legally and maintains legal presence. When a person is illegally smuggled into the U.S. or violates their visa restrictions–he/she is an unauthorized (illegal) alien subject to deportation under existing U.S. law. . . (See also here and Supra.)

The Illegal “Legal” Driver Statistics

Yes, the hypocritical state of California could be quite a surprising place at times. The new statistics revealed the number of driving licenses issued and to the people, they were issued. Hence, it was quite a surprise that more licenses got issued to illegal immigrants than to local and legal residents. According to the statistics, the total number of licenses issued to the illegal immigrants in only half of this year make up to 52% of the total licenses issued.

These statistics have been compiled taking into consideration the licenses issued from the first of January to the 30th of June of this year. The confirmation on the number of licenses issued to the illegal immigrants has gotten given by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. There were around 397,000 licenses that got awarded to illegal immigrants.

Licenses in 2015

All these licenses got handed over the individuals in just the first half of 2015. The sudden increase in the issuance of driver’s licenses to illegals is the result of a new law. The total number of licenses issued in this same period was confirmed to be at 759,000.

Comparing this figure with the number of licenses issued in the first six months of the previous year is amazing. It is now known that there was an increase of 174% in the issuance of permits this year. Licenses issued in the first half of the previous year were at 435,000. Also, in the next three years, at least 1 million more illegal immigrants will apply for a driver’s license.

But these will be the people that the new law covers. So they will be applying for the license as illegal immigrants. The bill supporting their application for driver’s license got passed in 2013. According to the law, the DMV will issue driver’s licenses to shady people.

Governor Brown Celebrated as the Rights of Citizens

Were Given Away to Illegals

Even if the person applying isn’t able to prove legal presence, the new law issues licenses. It was Governor Jerry Brown who signed this particular law. He even celebrated the signing of the law with many ceremonies.

In the words of the governor, California is a “dream” state.  So the licenses are getting issued to illegal immigrants. Residency and identity are two things that still have to get proved. So before an illegal immigrant applies for driver’s license this must occur. Just like any other applicant, they have to go through the process of taking the driving test as well.

Not a “Dream” For Personal Injury Lawyers

At least one Los Angeles car accident attorney firm is reporting that:

What California is finding out quick is that this well-meaning bit of social engineering actually made the situation worse– a lot worse. Some of the illegals did get the required insurance, but many others decided not to keep the policy. The state requires all drivers to show proof of insurance when receiving a license– but not during the period afterward. It has become a very common trend for [illegal] immigrants to drop insurance, sometimes the day they receive their license. (Source.)

After the enactment of the law, there have been 687,000 applicants for the license. The marking on their licenses looks different from the marks found on other licenses. Hence, those issued to legal US immigrants and citizens are not the same. The marks on their licenses will help law enforcement departments in many different ways.

For example, these individuals will not be able to travel by plane. So they will still not be able to furnish federal identification.  The total number of illegal immigrants who took tests was 1.1 million. Out of this enormous number, 436,000 individuals also went for the road driving test. Illegal immigrants are hugely happy about being able to apply for a driver’s license under the protection of the law.

Bad Weather Ahead Sign Displaying Dangerous Prediction

Bad Weather Ahead Sign Displaying Dangerous Prediction

Insurance companies employ armies of adjusters and actuaries to determine the likeliness of accidents and consequences. These same corporations use tremendous amounts of computer data and processing to determine the fiscal realities of getting injured in this country and the likely cost of replacement of items. Altogether, it would make sense that these large companies would have a good handle on nearly every aspect of their responsive fields.

Spreadsheets and Bad Weather Wrecks.

However, it appears that many car insurance companies have allowed for errors in their spreadsheets. A growing phenomenon has enveloped many issues revolving around weather-related accidents. These crashes are not uncommon and are often the result of both the weather and other issues, including human error. The real question for drivers, insurance companies, and bystanders alike is whether or not such a policy is affecting injury victims and their families?

Negligence Law.

Negligence law and precedent should be clear in most situations if a person placed themselves and others in danger due to reckless actions, they could be held liable in a court of law. In most cases, the activities of the defendant would be weighed against what a reasonable person would do in the same situation. If the answer was no, especially if impacted by weather-related risks while driving, they could be regarded as negligent.

Juries seem to Reach the Same Result As Adjustors.

Both juries in civil cases and insurance companies have to come to similar conclusions in their responses to these types of accidents. The actions of the driver, in conjunction with the precipitation or fog outside, must be weighed.

Was the driver drinking, taking prescription medication. Or was he distracted while driving, driving aggressively, driving too fast, not obeying traffic laws, etc.? Many crashes, even in inclement weather, are caused by improper driving rather than directly by rain or snow.

There are, of course, many factors to consider in a case like this. The driver may have been driving too fast for the conditions or unable to see through heavy rain. Many insurance companies love not to pay out if they consider a driver to be driving an appropriate speed and crashed into another vehicle.

Hiring a Lawyer is the Only Failsafe Way to Guard Against Unscrupulous Adjustors.

The only way to be sure that the big insurance companies are not denying you the money you are entitled to by your policy is to contact a legal advocate. An expert will be able to determine the exact circumstances of the crash and if the other party was acting negligently. Ehline Law has seen many similar cases and has built up case precedent and accident reconstructionists to determine who was at fault.

Parking Regulations in ChicagoIt is clear, from California to Chicago, to the eastern seaboard, that car accidents are one of the biggest causes of injuries and disabilities in the United States. Letting no crisis go to waste, personal injury attorneys, have capitalized on these cases in order to build thriving law practices.

But this could all come crashing down soon according to at least one Los Angeles personal injury attorney (source here.) This theory seems to be confirmed by a recent study involving the use of self-driving vehicles, that found approximately 90 percent of car accidents could be avoided by the use of this new smart driver technology. The ownership by the mass public may be decades away for driverless automobiles, but reducing this number of motor vehicle mishaps could save billions.

In the United States, the savings by reduction of 90 percent of car collision costs for injury and damages would be approximately $190 billion annually with the prevalent use of self-driving vehicles according to this new study. The report involving the conclusions from the consulting firm McKinsey & Co. shows that it will take vehicle owners about 15 years for consumers to own autonomous vehicles, but ownership could be seen within the next ten years.

The report also includes interview data from the auto-pilot vehicle industry, which representatives claim these automobiles may save drivers as much as 50 minutes per day travel time for consumers.
The industry believes insurance companies will change their focus in the future from driver risk to technical failures with driverless vehicles on the roadways.

Consumers may also find new choices for vehicle ownership with more of these vehicles being on the roads. The report shows there could be a business model including not only traditional purchase for ownership but also a pay-for-use model.

The auto industry and tech companies have become more focused on the manufacturing of autonomous vehicles, with some manufacturing ahead of others. September 2014 Audi obtained a permit to test drive their version of a driverless vehicle on public roadways in California.

They later reported completing the longest trip using a self-driving vehicle, traveling from San Francisco to Las Vegas. The autonomous auto Audi manufactured was an Audi 7 sedan. In December 2014 Google announced it had a prototype of their first self-driving auto.

Some manufacturers are including technology in today’s models that will be seen in driverless vehicles and they are showing their new innovations while preparing for the mass marketing of autonomous cars. The technology found in new vehicles includes adaptive cruise control, blind-spot alert capability, self-parking capability, automatic braking, and other safety equipment.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety said, claims for vehicle crashes involving cars with automatic braking technology declined by 14 percent. In the event, there is a crash they state the damage cost is lower than other vehicle accidents.

Some would argue putting consumer attorneys out of business is a good thing. My suspicion is that these driverless vehicles will malfunction and cause mass casualties at some point, and that whole new cottage industry will rise up against the deep pockets against the like of Google and other tech companies.  No matter what, “the times they are a changin.” Be safe in the meantime.


“Self-Driving Cars Could Cut Down on Accidents, Study Says” – (Source – Wall Street Journal, .)