Insurance Company and the Bad Weather ‘Loophole’

Bad Weather Ahead Sign Displaying Dangerous Prediction

Bad Weather Ahead Sign Displaying Dangerous Prediction

Insurance companies employ armies of adjusters and actuaries to determine the likeliness of accidents and consequences. These same corporations use tremendous amounts of computer data and processing to determine the fiscal realities of getting injured in this country and the likely cost of replacement of items. Altogether, it would make sense that these large companies would have a good handle on nearly every aspect of their responsive fields.

Spreadsheets and Bad Weather Wrecks.

However, it appears that many car insurance companies have allowed for errors in their spreadsheets. A growing phenomenon has enveloped many issues revolving around weather-related accidents. These crashes are not uncommon and are often the result of both the weather and other issues, including human error. The real question for drivers, insurance companies, and bystanders alike is whether or not such a policy is affecting injury victims and their families?

Negligence Law.

Negligence law and precedent should be clear in most situations if a person placed themselves and others in danger due to reckless actions, they could be held liable in a court of law. In most cases, the activities of the defendant would be weighed against what a reasonable person would do in the same situation. If the answer was no, especially if impacted by weather-related risks while driving, they could be regarded as negligent.

Juries seem to Reach the Same Result As Adjustors.

Both juries in civil cases and insurance companies have to come to similar conclusions in their responses to these types of accidents. The actions of the driver, in conjunction with the precipitation or fog outside, must be weighed.

Was the driver drinking, taking prescription medication. Or was he distracted while driving, driving aggressively, driving too fast, not obeying traffic laws, etc.? Many crashes, even in inclement weather, are caused by improper driving rather than directly by rain or snow.

There are, of course, many factors to consider in a case like this. The driver may have been driving too fast for the conditions or unable to see through heavy rain. Many insurance companies love not to pay out if they consider a driver to be driving an appropriate speed and crashed into another vehicle.

Hiring a Lawyer is the Only Failsafe Way to Guard Against Unscrupulous Adjustors.

The only way to be sure that the big insurance companies are not denying you the money you are entitled to by your policy is to contact a legal advocate. An expert will be able to determine the exact circumstances of the crash and if the other party was acting negligently. Ehline Law has seen many similar cases and has built up case precedent and accident reconstructionists to determine who was at fault.