Prepared or Not Here It Comes

Ready or not, here we come, said the bad weather and broken down infrastructure. You need to act now. Acting means taking training courses, and other steps before an emergency in order to develop operational capabilities and facilitate an effective response in the event an emergency occurs city wide.

This means that a chain of command must be developed by concerned citizens to survive. Surviving means more than merely staying alive. It also means establishing protocols and procedures based upon potential contingencies. A smart planner at the higher level would be thinking about an early warning system, and a post disaster alert system, as well as a damage assessment plan and condemnation procedure to ensure that the most live possible are saved.

This will include having an emergency management functionary in place at some level who can attempt at least basic first aid. This also means that individuals in the community with first aid training must mentor others quickly to replicate the skills needed to stabilize as may victims as possible after a natural, or man made disaster. Once they are identified, these experts, or trainers will need to be assigned to units or entities capable of performing these duties in a more organized and properly supported fashion with infrastructure.

If this is all done in advance of the disaster, it surely increases the chances that the materiel, and resources needed to achieve the task at hand are available, and can be mobilized rapidly. Readiness is certainty that all potential victims are well honed and have the tools necessary to regulate themselves continuously, in an organized, orderly fashion, reducing the pernicious aspects associated with emergencies and evacuations.  Educational activity such as that performed by this site, will help provide knowledge and hopefully will also evoke an equally helpful action in the reader to make a bad situation better.


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