Responding in Cases of Turmoil!

You protect yours

Police protecting government property.

Reacting is a normal human response to an outside stimulus. With training and education, skills can be developed in humans, as well as animals, that cause the subject to follow a set of standards that also enable the subject to act with not only with a clear head, rather than break down or take flight. Military training is an example of a human being following a set of defined as actions to prepare for, and then deal with any and all threats known to be part of the contingency.

This type of knowledge and training, as a whole, is known to save lives, and help the victims to mitigate any losses, enhancing their opportunity to recover rapidly and get back into the battle. One simply cannot expect law enforcement, then national guard, the Boy Scouts, or the fire departments to be able to respond to large scale events that are unforeseeable.

Therefore, forming a militia within your local neighborhood can help ensure a safe bug out location, the safety that numbers provides, watch and sentry duty rotations, as well as the ability to coordinate with and be deputized by local law enforcement authorities.   Even contacting the City of Chicago Emergency Operations Center to assure central coordination does not mean it will always happen, not even in the best case scenario.

This is why it is so important to take action right now to assure that you and your family have gear stowed for survival, like water, a hunting rifle, a good hunting knife, a several months long supply of MRE’s, cold weather clothing, especially gore tex type footwear, and a ready supply of warm socks to keep your feet warm. Optimally, having an enduro type of motorcycle that can tow gear would be an amazing addition to any preparedness measure. The streets and tollways could be shutdown.

The only way out will be on foot, or with a two wheeler, or ATV, unless you are fortunate enough to be able to afford an aircraft to fly you away. You would also want to include a bug out bag or two with some two way radios for scouting and security, and a large supply of batteries.

There is more to this, but as you can see, coordination means methods of ingress and egress from large population areas to prepared, less populous, more defensible locations.  Having the ability to get there means also considering snowmobiles for the winter, and motorcycles for the summer.

No matter who you slice it, Chicago is a dense, tightly packed area. Make sure to be prepared and alert. Look out for your families and you will remove that burden from the rest of society, enabling us all to flourish in both good times and the bad. Come to our site often and stay updated.

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