Where ever you are now, are you ready for what may come?

It is great that you stopped by and that you are making at effort to be safe during times of disasters and alerts. Read on and learn here how to look after your wife, kids, and kin in case of a bad emergency.

Alert Chicago will make every effort to help you navigate the straights and narrows in case of a bad emergency, whether it was brought about by an act of God, or simple negligence. We help you learn the medical, legal and preparatory steps to make it out in one piece. So we’re not just about prepping, we are about assisting you in formulating a plan of action for survival, depending on your particular mishap, whether it be a car crash, or out of control boat in a flood zone.

Together as a team, we will strive to make our city a self sufficient metropolis, with plenty of helpers and Good Samaritans. There are all types of tragedies that can befall us in Chytown, from an ISIS terror attack, to a city bus jumping a curb and running you or your breadwinner down. Rain, sleet or snow, we are ready to help you survive and even thrive through your emergency.

If you are a lawyer, prepper, or a concerned citizen who wishes to provide useful data to the site, please contact us now and we will review your credentials and requests. The goal of our organization is to bring the best, most up to date and helpful training survival resources to alert Chicagoans, and those visiting our fair state. We hope you enjoy your experience at

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