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Top Cities for Young Attorneys Includes Chytown

Alert Chicago

State Capitol of Illinois in Springfield. Young and hungry attorneys are always looking for a way to improve their surroundings. There are many that make it their life’s mission to protect the vulnerable from large companies and government agencies that would use or abuse them. As such, there are certain cities that have the best combination of factors for the under-40 crowd to move to, set up shop, and raise a family.

And guess what? Chicago made a list. And with all the accidents, shootings, and injuries here, there is no shortage of personal injury attorneys. In fact, we reached out to Chicago personal injury attorney Jonathan Rosenfeld and asked him what he liked best about practicing law in Chicago. Among many great things he said was that:

“Chicago is a big city with a big personality and wonderful people. Basically, if you like honest people and enjoy the gentle, civil personalities of mid-westerners, this is a wonderful place to practice law.”

Of course, there are other great American cities to practice law, but since we are, we are partial to our town. But seriously, how does an attorney new on the scene rate the best cities? Well, there are many factors at play, including the availability of legal jobs, city desirability, the standard of living, and other issues. For attorneys looking to make a stake in an area, the ability to keep food on a plate and a roof over their heads weigh heavily.

How Do The Top Cities Rank?

National Jurist magazine took the time to rank the different cities of the country and compile a list of the best for young attorneys to move and do their practice.

1. Washington D.C.: The nation’s capital boasts a large number of legal-related jobs. From those within the federal bureaucracy to Congress to lobbying groups, there is never a shortage of attorneys in the city. D.C.’s population of attorneys per capita is much higher than the average city and has a formidable youth population.

2. Boston: Boston boasts the best of several worlds. While the cost of living is higher than rural areas, it is also near the bottom of the major cities. With some of the best universities and livable suburbs, this area is a must-consider for those entering or leaving law school.

3. Atlanta: Your dollar goes much further in the South. That, combined with a rapid influx of immigrants from other countries and recent residents from across the US, there is a rapidly increasing need for skilled attorneys.

4. Denver: Denver is a major youth culture scene with a booming local economy and plenty to do. If you’re an outdoors person or just love the scenery, Denver is the right choice for you.

5. Dallas: The cost of living is much lower in the fastest-growing job creator in the country. Close to many techs and oil companies, Dallas is a major metro area that will always give opportunities.

6. Seattle: Known for its substantial population of young idealists, this area offers legal jobs in large companies like Boeing and Microsoft and activist and environmentalist groups.

7. Chicago: The king of local government, Chicago boasts tremendous government agencies and bureaucracies per capita. Chicago offers many billable hours for attorneys and a chance to break into a major city.

8. San Francisco: From the weather to the unique cultural scene, San Francisco offers a vibrant youth scene and is across the bay from Silicon Valley.

9. Minneapolis: If you can stand the winters, this area offers a low standard of living cost combined with a friendly, family-centric culture.

10. Houston: Again, in the heart of Texas, economic growth will propel young and ambitious attorneys through their whole careers.

Any of these cities offer tremendous opportunities, as do the others on the list, including Salt Lake City, L.A., Alexandria, VA, Saint Louis, Mountain View, CA, Irvine, Philadelphia, Oakland, Newport Beach, and New York City. There are many factors to consider after passing the bar. However, these cities offer tremendous work potential, varying cultural scenes and the cost of living. And they all have suburbs for you to pursue the American Dream into middle age!