Airbags Should Only be Used as Designed

popcorning airbag launches man in explosionAlert Chicagoans have been emailing us about the near epidemic of deadly pranks, namely “popcorning,” which will be explained as this article progresses. Airbags are finely tuned elements of automobile engineering. Their exact purpose has led to them being created in specific fashions in case of sudden stops and car accidents. They pack a lot of punch and should only be utilized as they were actually designed. The faulty use of such items can cause severe injuries, especially if used in a prank.

Unfortunately, many people young and old are now becoming involved in the fad of “popcorning,” or using the airbag from a car to lift up a victim, suspecting or otherwise. This type of use can often lead to severe injury, including broken bones and torsion injuries. Regardless of how they are used in this manner, the risk of such injury is very high and could even be life threatening.

Watch an example below:

Watch one case from Britain early in 2015 that resulted in a young man breaking his spine below. This video highlighted many of the dangers of the practice and has been used as a key example of why it should be avoided.

The evidence is clear: make sure that you keep away from such use of these airbags. They’re not toys and can deal quite a bit of damage. If you know anyone that is interested in pulling such a prank, make sure you stop them before they do– they can be liable for the injuries sustained to the victim. Such medical expenses and therapy could span years and cause severe reductions in quality of life.

Airbags are designed for safety, not to hurt people. However, some numbskulls are using them for the wrong purpose. The liability and responsibility that comes along with such a use should be considered closely, especially as the incidence of such pranks increases every year. It’s not a joke– it’s someone’s life.