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California – State & Federal Government Shirks Duty to Citizens?

When we think of the Golden State, we think of great weather along the Pacific, with its great climate and attractive ladies in bikinis. But the California democrats have pandered to illegals and their families since the mid ’80s, and have now succeeded in displacing citizens in some cities with illegal alien majority populations. Illegals in California don’t even need to show an ID to vote, are typically Central American or Mexican, and typically have large families that vote democrat. The super-majority California democrats even went so far as to make legal what is illegal by giving these law breakers licenses to drive cars, even though many of these illegals use false identifications.

  • Selective Enforcement Elevating Privileges Over Rights

This is the same state that is trying to disarm its natural-born citizens by reducing how much ammo they can have, and how many rounds they can have in their weapons (putting criminals with guns at an advantage who don’t obey Utopian laws), while simultaneously allowing sanctuary cities that harbor killers and drug dealers from south of the border. The right to keep and bear arms is an unalienable right, whereas remaining in the USA without permission and even voting, in some cases, is a crime. In effect, the government has elevated privileges extended to lawbreakers over the God-granted rights of ordinary citizens who abide by the law.

One justification of creating sanctuary cities is often under the guise of protecting ‘immigrant rights.’  But illegal aliens are not immigrants.  An immigrant is a person who entered the U.S. legally and maintains legal presence. When a person is illegally smuggled into the U.S. or violates their visa restrictions–he/she is an unauthorized (illegal) alien subject to deportation under existing U.S. law. . . (See also here and Supra.)

The Illegal “Legal” Driver Statistics

Yes, the hypocritical state of California could be quite a surprising place at times. With the new statistics revealed on the number driving licenses issued and to the people they were issued, it was quite a surprise that more licenses were issued to illegal immigrants than to local and legal residents. According to the statistics, the total number of licenses issued to the illegal immigrants in only half of this year make up to 52% of the total licenses issued.

These statistics have been compiled taking into consideration the licenses issued from first of January to the 30th of June of this year. The confirmation on the number of licenses issued to illegal immigrants has been given by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. There were around 397,000 licenses that were awarded to illegal immigrants.

All these licenses were handed over to the individuals in just the first half of 2015. The sudden increase in the issuance of driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants is the result of a new law that was just implemented recently. The total number of licenses issued in this same period is confirmed to be at 759,000.

Comparing this number with the number of licenses issued in the first 6 months of the previous year it is known that there was an increase of 174% in the issuance of licenses this year. Licenses issued in the first half of the previous year were at 435,000. In the next three years it is expected that at least 1 million more illegal immigrants will apply for a driver’s license.

These will be the people that the new law covers and so they will be applying for the license as illegal immigrants. The bill supporting their application for a driver’s license was passed in 2013. According to the law DMV will issue driver’s licenses to people even if they are not able to furnish complete or satisfying documents for their immigration to the country during the application process.

Governor Brown Celebrated as the Rights of Citizens

Were Given Away to Illegals

In short, even if the person applying for a driver’s license is not able to fully prove his/her legal presence in the country under the federal law, the new enactment of law asks license issuing authorities to issue the license. It was Governor Jerry Brown who signed this particular law and celebrated the signing of the law with multiple ceremonies.

In the words of the governor, California is a “dream” state, and so the licenses are being issued to illegal immigrants as the pursuit of making the state a true dream. Residency and identity are two things that still have to be proved before an illegal immigrant applies for a driver’s license. Of course, just like any other applicant, these applicants have to go through the process of taking the driving test as well.

Not a “Dream” For Personal Injury Lawyers

At least one Los Angeles car accident attorney firm is reporting that:

What California is finding out quick is that this well-meaning bit of social engineering actually made the situation worse– a lot worse. Some of the illegals did get the required insurance, but many others decided not to keep the policy. The state requires all drivers to show proof of insurance when receiving a license– but not during the period afterward. It has become a very common trend for [illegal] immigrants to drop insurance, sometimes the day they receive their license. (Source.)

After the enactment of the law, there have been 687,000 applicants for the license. The marking on their licenses is a bit different from the marks found on the licenses issued to legal US immigrants and citizens. The marks on their licenses are going to help law enforcement departments in many different ways.

For example, these individuals will not be able to travel by plane and do many other things just because they will still not be able to furnish federal identification despite their driver’s licenses. The total number of illegal immigrants who took tests to prove their driving knowledge was 1.1 million. Out of this huge number, there were 436,000 individuals who also went for the road driving test. The immigrants are greatly happy for being able to apply for driver’s licenses under the protection of the law.