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Two Flood Volunteers Killed in LA Bus Crash Caused by Illegal Alien

At least two died, and three dozen were injured on a tour bus. Most importantly, the bus was carrying volunteers responding to the terrible flooding in Louisiana. It crashed Monday. Also, the bus driver was an illegal immigrant. Consequently, many of the injured victims were first responders. The driver was later identified as Denis Yasmir Amaya Rodriguez. Most important, Rodriguez is from Honduras. Last, he had no valid driver’s license. Fox News reported these facts.

The Gruesome Facts of the Los Angeles Bus Accident

Especially relevant, the accident details are gruesome. Shockingly, Rodriguez crashed the bus into a fire truck. Next, the bus rammed a car. Also, the bus company gets operated by AM Party Bus and Kristina’s Transportation LLC. These two companies are in Jefferson, LA. The terrible crash highlights driving risks. These include illegal immigrant drivers without licenses. The loss of life in Louisiana is tragic. It reinforces the resolve of the flood volunteers. They persevere with heavy hearts.

Compared To California, Illegal Drivers Are Getting Worse

Also, the accident in Louisiana is similar to the problems in California. Because of this, the state gets overrun with illegal immigrant drivers. They cause many accidents. These include many hit-and-run crashes. Without insurance, illegals just flee the scene. Many CA drivers are stuck with the bill and any injuries. The crash in LA may help lawmakers become more strict on such incidents.

California Personal Injury Attorney Chimes In

Michael Ehline, a bus accident attorney in Los Angeles chimes in. He stated he was shocked that the Democrat party continues to support reckless policies. Because of this, we have sanctuary cities and no proof of Citizenship is required to vote. He recently returned from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in LA. So he is hoping that the government will put Americans first. He said let’s get these scofflaws off the street.

Michael said he:

“supports the ongoing flood cleanup efforts. We hope that as many people as possible can help. Please consider giving to the Salvation Army or other groups. May God bless the volunteers and first responders.”

Last, we hope Chicago does not fall victim to these same types of problems. Alert-Chicago thinks it is unfair for illegal aliens to break and violate our laws. It is sad when there is a loss of life in any state, California or Louisiana. In the meantime, stay alert out there, people.